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"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." -John Holmes

About Us

We've been CALLED!!

Our Mission

Providing FREE housecleaning for the families of children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Our Goal

Giving back to those families in need something almost impossible to give..... TIME!!

We've Been CALLED!!

What We Do


Called to Clean works to link families of children undergoing cancer treatment with house cleaning services at NO COST to the families. It is in donations from businesses, grants and fundraising that we make this possible.

Why We Do What We Do


As parents, we know what it is like to have a sick child and try to maintain sanity in your home. Families faced with a child who is battling cancer is an overwhelming trial. Trying to divide time between work, home, siblings, your significant other and most importantly your sick child is an extremely emotional thing. After some time, the household chores need to be done. Who is going to take care of this? It was in God's calling that we answered these cries for help and Called to Clean was born. 

Who Does It



Founder & Secretary - Melissa Bayless

Chief Executive Director - Steve Bayless

Executive Director & Treasurer- Becky Rappold 

Board of Directors 

Leonard Clementi 

Who Has Heard The Call


The following companies and local businesses have graciously donated to Called to Clean to support our mission.

  • AZ Diamondbacks
  • AZ Cardinals 
  • AZ Coyotes 
  • The Phoenix Zoo 
  • The Wildlife World Zoo
  • Desert Botanical Gardens 
  • The Phoenix Symphony 
  • Global Organics 
  • AZ Rocks 
  • Peter Piper Pizza 
  • Cheesecake Factory 
  • Firehouse Subs 
  • Verde Canyon Railroad 
  • Harkins 
  • Zipps Sports Grill 
  • Dairy Queen 
  • Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin

Who Has Been Helped

Little SUPER HERO Paul & his family


Hi!  My name is Christy.  I have 5 children, two girls ages 12 and 11, and 3 boys ages 8, 4.5, and 20 month.  


I joke that having five kids wasn’t hard … until one got diagnosed with cancer. 


August 10, 2017, I took Paul (Kid #4, who was 3 years old at the time) to the pediatrician.  He was afraid of getting a shot, and I had to drag him in with him crying “I’m not sick!  I’m not sick!” I thought maybe he had strep throat or an ear infection.  Turns out he had luekemia.  That night he went to bed not in his own bed, but in the oncology floor of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Our nightmare began that day.  I am still waiting to wake up.  


Eight months later we are grateful that Paul is still alive.  My boy who was afraid of shots can now face a big needle coming at him without even flinching.  This happens every time he goes for treatment.  He has an internal IV, called a port.  When he goes to the cancer clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for treatment, they “access” his port with a big needle in his chest, and he receives his IV chemo or anesthesia prior to surgery this way.  


The past 8 months Paul has gone for treatment weekly, or sometimes every 10 days.  He has had a few treatment breaks along the way, but, overall, it has been a grueling schedule.  He has been admitted to the hospital 3 times, each time for about a week.  The first time was his initial diagnosis and treatment.  The next two times were because he had a fever when his immune system was compromised due to treatment.  The Docs called one of those fevers “scary”. Thanks be to God he has recovered each time, and continues to do well. 


He has had 7 blood transfusions and (I am guessing) a dozen surgeries.  To be honest I have lost track.  He has been on steroids, at least half a dozen different forms of chemotherapies,and many other side effect medicines.  


Soon he will begin the third phase of treatment, called “Long Term Maintenance.”  According to oncology, things will start to get better.  His chemos will shift to oral, at home treatment.  He will only have to go to the cancer clinic once a month for iv chemo, and only have to have surgery once every three months.  This lasts 2.5 years, until October, 2020.  


I stumbled upon “Called to Clean” online.  I was amazed at their mission statement.  Yes!  I thought to myself.  Someone GETS it!  I was certain that Founder Melissa Bayless had the experience of parenting a child with cancer, too.  


What is it like to parent a child with cancer?  1) You have to face up to your own fears.  Everybody fears pain and death, their own or a loved one, particularly a child.  When the Grim Reaper really does knock on that door, many fears have to be faced. 

2) You lose control of your schedule.  The Oncology Treatment Schedule dictates our life. Everything else comes secondary. 3) You become increasingly aware of germs.  The Mission of Called to Clean is so very important!  It has never been more important to maintain a clean house.  And yet, it has never been more difficult.  4) Your cancer kid has increased child care demands.  Paul needs more care than the average 4 year old.  Sometimes I feel that I have twin one year olds.  As Paul fights for his life, and struggles with chemotherapy side effects, he needs more care and attention than other kids his age.  


Today Molly Maids came because of the generosity of Called to Clean, and Melissa and the Boards and donors hard work and generosity.  I would just like to give you an idea of what my week was like, and what a blessing it was. 

Wednesday and Thursday passed normally.  I tried to keep Paul home due to his compromised immune system.  It was windy out and that’s not good for him either (if he caught Valley Fever, it would be Really Bad).  Somewhere along the line a Deep Exhaustion began to hit me, as a result of my lack of sleep before Paul’s treatment.  The thought of house cleaning seemed so overwhelming.  I was so grateful that Called to Clean began this week.  


Friday Molly Maids came thanks to Called to Clean.  They were here for hours and when they left the house looked sparkling clean!    Usually when I clean I rotate through the house a bit at a time, whatever I can manage.  Not at all used to the whole house looking so perfect all at once!  What an amazing gift and blessing.  


I just can’t thank Mellissa, the Board of Directors and the Donors enough!  What an amazing gift you have given to cancer families …. To give us a clean home for our immune compromised children, and to give us more time to spend with them.    Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.



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Calling Out For Help

The whole MISSION of Called to Clean is based on HELP from you..... local businesses, groups, individuals and volunteers. All can GIVE in a way to help these families. 

Will you STEP UP and ANSWER THE CALL to HELP these families crying out for time?

Funding to answer these cries for help come directly from monetary donations, grants and fundraising. Thank you in advance for your HELP!

Founded in 2013, Called to Clean Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation. Called to Clean is under the leadership direction of Founder Melissa Bayless.


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